About The Artist

image A child’s toy camera and a love of the outdoors, is all it took. Kelly Mitchell, owner of The Limited Lens, has been interested in photography for as far back as she can remember. It wasn’t until a few years ago (2011) that she started seriously discovering that she has a true passion, and talent for photography.

Primarily self-taught, Kelly has taken both classroom and online photography courses, and also finds inspiration in studying the works of others. With limited equipment, a love of learning, and a drive to capture unique images, her work is a tribute to inventiveness and the beauty of nature.

While enjoying all genres of photography, landscapes and seascapes are her favorite. Living on Mount Desert Island, Maine, surrounded by Acadia National Park, she’s blessed to be in one of the most inspirational places in the United States.

Kelly’s work has appeared in several publications and was also included as part of Acadia National Parks Centennial celebration.